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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Buddies

I just have to post my favorite Easter pic of our three Grands. 

Easter started for us with a dynamic message by Mondo on the last three days of Jesus life.  He made it all come to life in his only-Mondo-could-do-that way.

Campbell was touched by her Sunday School lesson and kept saying -- "Mom, I just want us to all die and go be with Jesus -- Mom, Jesus is coming back to get us -- let's just all go to Heaven -- Mom, is Parker Jesus' Mommy?"

Sydney found her basket from Mommy and Daddy at 6 am and before breakfast had eaten all her candy.

Campbell couldn't wait for the Easter Bunny and left a carrot on the door mat out front -- so sure that he'd take a  bite when he showed up.  

Major Decision:  (WHO was going to take a bite out of that veggie on the stoop?") oh well, somebody had to do it-- thanks Nana!

With all the rain and drizzle we opted for an inside Egg Hunt --

Sydney couldn't quite get the hang of  the hunting eggs routine until she discovered Reese's peanut butter cups in her eggs.

-- S was really taken with the huge magnifying glass we put in her Easter Bucket 

Bethany and I both had stuffed eggs resulting in twice as much sugar for two already-energetic little girls, which made for a meltdown at bed time and a much-too early wake-up on Monday morn.  I'm calling it the "NO SUGAR - EASTER BUNNY RECLAIMED IT ALL"  MONDAY"

Campbell always keeps us laughing -- still a bit wired from Sunday's sugar high on Monday afternoon - she was jumping off the ottoman and her mom had asked her to stop.  She did -- but forgetting, returned to jumping once more and fell and got a goose egg on her head.  Her momma explained that misbehaving had caused her to get a goose egg.  
Clearly scared and upset -- not ever having heard of a goose egg,
she cried, "Is it going to hatch?"
I guess it's an Easter throwback from all the eggs of the season.

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