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Friday, April 17, 2015

From the Mouths of Babes

We're enjoying watching Sydney's language develop -- 

Early this morning when Syd was  sneaking down the hall before time to get up -- Campbell was heard instructing her sister, "If you don't get back in this room , you're going to lose kids' day with Daddy-- To which she responded "Campbell quit copying me" (the only response this 2 yr could think of) -- don't know how that fit -- but it was her only comeback!  

She loves to tease Campbell with anything that she thinks will make her annoyed -- and her sense of humor is laced with impishness.  When  C is having a melt-down or grippy about something -- Syd sings "Gretta Grumpy, Gretta Grumpy  . . ."
then looks at her momma and says, "I happy Momma. . ."

 She is picking up so much that she hears and wants to be in preschool so badly with big Sis -- yelling "Drop me off, drop me off" when they are in the drop off line at Redeemer Covenant.

- When they put Jack's helmet on for the first time today -- Sydney ran to the garage to get her scooter helmet to wear to support Jackers. 
Daddy Day came off as promised and planned for all three Goods
The Jenks aquarium was packed - so Daddy opted for Barnes and Noble -- a fav for them and Daddy.

Tonight at bedtime Campbell said to Sydney "I want to wash your feet like Jesus washed the disciples feet".

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