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Monday, December 8, 2014


So today's doctor visit wasn't quite what I had planned --
I immediately liked her -- she was kind, sensitive, to the point and professional with a heart that showed she cared.  HOWEVER, she said she thinks it's more extensive that previously thought -- she even put a number to it -- Stage 3. . .  she called it tricky or something ... BUT . . . she DOES have to do more testing. She did a needle aspiration today, there's an MRI and PET scan coming up and all the result will be compiled to set up a plan on Dec. 23.
In the meantime -- I'm going to center my thoughts on some of my "JOY Makers"

Having my family all together
Hearing her "take" on life!!!  She makes me laugh!

Watching Campbell teach Syd and then seeing Syd mimic C

Our annual Children's Nutcracker Ballet

Texts, phone calls  and Face Time with our CO KIDS --  
Last week they were doing double duty checking on my results and Terry's as well as Jan Good's
Anticipating Syd's next antics
Watching Jack's little personality develop

Sitting with the G men in Church

Sharing grandparenting and life's special moments with this guy. . .

enjoying teaching KU and Sunday School

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