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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Manna Verses

Campbell's verse from preschool last week - I'm diggin' it!!!
I love how the Lord fed the Israelites every day with just enough physical food.    Someone taught me years ago about MANNA VERSES - and how if we listen to HIS SPIRIT in us -- He will bring those to mind. Thoughts from His word to help us stay the course that day.   I love how every day HE's put a song or verse there.  Some days he has to bombard the worry and fear with it to bring back my focus.

The past few nights I've been awake from 2-4 trying to figure out the next six months and how to manage my classroom -- my healing -- and my family.  
I've tried to teach my life skills students  the Plan Process and that when we face problems we make a plan and work the plan.  I've challenged them to accept 3 life challenges for the semester and to work those challenges in different ways.  NOW, I'm the one with the LIFE CHALLENGE -

GOD also sends us something to laugh about -- I believe that part of HIS loving us and healing us is helping us to laugh.  I also believe that He's got the "not yet" covered and He wants us to live in the now . . . with HIM . . .  I'm a planner and organizer -- OK -- WORRIER.

The other day right after I got tough results from the first biopsy, I got a text from one of my Youth Alive girls to tell me she was praying for me.  I texted back telling her that the verse the students had chosen as our theme verse for the year - is  so perfect for this time in my own life. .  I texted the wrong verse which had her totally confused, trying to figure out what must be WRONG with me if THAT verse was my guide.

God is Good all the time. . . while we're waiting on the PET scan and oncology visit on Tuesday..

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