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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jesus On this journeY

That's the best definition of joy in this phase of life.  Jesus On this journeY.  I'm finding it has to be a day-to-day decision to invite HIM on this trek.  Daily, I have to set my mind's eye on HIM or I get caught up in the diagnosis and can quickly fall in to fear.  

When I first heard the "c" word --(I still have a hard time saying it)--I remembered what I've heard from cancer survivors - that they learned to appreciate each day as a gift.

I decided to look for the joy-makers. 

Some joy-makers and "God-stops"  this week are -- (God stops are where I just have to stop and say -- "God did this!")

Campbell belly-laughing when Pablo the
puppet shows up unexpectedly at their Christmas program.

When I got this at school, I just had to laugh!

My friend, Pam, on Thursday, gave me a list of two teachers every hour who will take over if I need to leave my class at any time to rest during the days after chemo.

Marinelle, has moved to Lake Eufala, but insists she can come in to Tulsa and sub for me!  I can't believe this beautiful friend!  This is HUGE and has lifted a big huge weight from my shoulders.

Flowers from Bethany's long-time friend Cori - a day after we got the first word - while we were waiting on more tests and doctor visits.  Every time I passed them in the past two weeks I had to smile and remember God's blessings come from his special people.

A visit from my dear friend Geeta - to bring some special needful things -- pajamas and a beautiful tote to carry things back and forth to chemo. 

This one may be my second choice --

Wig shopping today with Bethany.  -- so glad to face that one head-on.
The thought of losing my hair has been a biggie-- anything but a joy-bringer.   -- All I could think of was losing my wig in front of a class of 30+ kids-- or the problem of having to pull it down.  

Terry's never sure if I have my wig on or not -- it must look like the real deal!

I reasoned if I were going to be bald - I needed to try to figure out a positive somewhere. 
Not spending time drying my hair in the mornings --
Not having a bad hair day -- if you like your wig -- you'll always have a good hair day
Sorry, that was all I could come up with.
Thinking about a little guy at KU with no hair -- feeling a new empathy for him.

There they are-- my biggies-- baldness, nausea and fatigue..  I know God has a plan for all of that. But the idea of my body being bombarded with so many chemicals and every cell attacked with powerful drugs does take my breath.

Bethany suggested we go to Wigs n'. More on 81st and Harvard.  The owner who met us as we came in was upbeat -- no - gushing and all sorts of "I'm so sorry" and sympathy -- just - "let's get busy -- we can help".  She set out to guide me through the process of how to put them on -- how to care for them and teaching me all the basics.  She was so approachable  and taught me tons!  

B decided we needed to text T to convince him I got this one.


As we left the store the owner shared a book on healing scriptures.   That was my "God-stop" for today.  I felt HE put this special encounter together.  I had to call her later to thank her for her special kindness and sensitivity.  Another weight lifted. 

These sweet babies were waiting with Papa when we returned.
Everybody has headgear today.
C's favorite hat -- not really THAT cold out --
but she had to wear it

Syd decided Papa had to put something on his head
Jack's grey hair

So many people are praying 
I don't take that lightly

So many sweet offers for help.

Our kids (all four of them) who are all taking such great care of us

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