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Monday, December 8, 2014


OK - so it was one of my impulse buys -- but I had seen a Pinterest pic this summer of 3 wreaths and in each wreath were the letters J-O-Y -- thinking that would carry a real message for my outdoor Christmas decorating.

Mid- summer I bought three six inch wooden ones and sprayed them gold - -I found a reason to use them in Sunday school (which justified my purchase, I reasoned) -- 

This year -- instead of on the wreaths outside -- I decided I'd hang them on the mantle.  We'd been struggling with T's extreme pain and I thought it'd be a good mental boost for us.  A real reminder to be happy in Jesus.

As all of this has transpired with biopsies and results and waiting on tests -- I believe those are the words that best describe the mindset we are supposed to adopt at this time.

It reminded me of the Shunamite woman in the Bible who in the throes of losing her child - sent for the prophet Elisha.   When asked --her response "it is well" knowing that God was in control.  I want to be so anchored in God with all of this that my heart is calm and I know that HE is guiding the process.

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