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Sunday, May 18, 2014

From the Mouths of Babes


Recent Update:
Campbell: I wonder what the T-Rexes are eating with Jesus for dinner?!
Momma: uhmmmm.... I don't know, but I bet Jesus is a good cook!!
C: YEAH! And he can make his own wine!!!

We've been enjoying Campbell's prayers and the other day were privileged to hear her thank God for everything under the sun at supper time -- "Thankful that we could see her do a cannonball in the pool,
Thankful that she did one,  Thankful that we came over and thankful for every family member by name and on and on."

Campbell's developing faith is a special treasure to us all.

She will have lots of questions from time to time . .. to which we mostly say, "Go ask Papa."

The other day she didn't like what they were having for supper and said "Eewww Gross! - in the next breath --
I bet Jesus could make some new food from this!" 

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