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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Job said, “The Lord gives,
          And the Lord takes away” -- 
                   It was a statement of faith –
But at a time like this it sounds so harsh and blunt –
          But that’s the way death – especially an untimely death-- is.
Like a dull knife – it cuts deep – and leaves lots of jagged edges.

We prayed for a healing miracle – so many times –
          and trusted God – 
One thing we know is that HE is Sovereign –
          But what does that mean at a time like this???
 He’s in CHARGE – and HIS purposes will reign.
 It’s HIS story and as time unfolds we will see HIS purposes in all of the hurt and loss – 
 Dona Butcher leaves a big HOLE where there was a lot of love and caring for others and talent and grace!!
It’s all been said – everyone has their Dona story – 
When Dona was hospitalized – and we had to fill all the hats she wore – we saw all of those areas of service where she had said simply said, “Bill and I can help with that”  were now needing attention.
She was always behind the scenes doing – making things easier – giving generously to a cause – helping at a work day – putting out the bulletin – organizing the communion prep.
She left so quickly . . .
One of my favorite times with Dona was the Christmas with Parkview that she and Bill supported.   
What I remembered most during this past weekend is Dona’s face and the sound of her voice as she told a story.
a little bit of a chirp—soft with a chuckle in their somewhere – with eyes that light up.
We celebrated Dona on  Friday at her Memorial Service, packing the sanctuary—
And yes, everyone has a Dona Butcher story. 
Mondo told of her friendship and devotion to her Bill

Terry told of her knocking down the wall on our last work day -and spoke of the walls we put up in relationships.

She left so quickly –  but she's not far away -- because she's with Jesus and as Terry reminded us -- when we're together with HIM - she's there also.
We all left her memorial service thinking we wanted to spend more time with those we love and make sure we told them how deeply they were loved. 
We celebrated on Saturday also –
with a ladies Crazy Hat  Luncheon that had been planned for weeks –
Dona was at every ladies’ get together and her family decided we needed to make it happen – because that is something Dona would have wanted.  Her mom saying, “She’d be disappointed if you DIDN’t”
 We weren’t sure how much of a party mood  we could be in– but Dona – we did it up big for you –wore our goofy hats --told your stories – thought of you—and missed you like CRAZY!!!!

 Remembering how her face would light up when she was excited, her eyes twinkling at the corners – 
I’d have loved to have seen that beautiful face as she first saw  her Jesus –

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