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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sydney Kate


You're a year and a half -- where's the time gone?  You are growing up so quickly sweet baby girl --

From the time you could walk, you have taken on the world --running to each new adventure.

You're a curious learner, and seem to master new tasks so easily --

I love the way your eyes light up when you see me - you're a snuggler and will quickly snuggle up for a nap on my shoulder --
 I love it that right now, I'm one of your favorite people -- 
When I speak at Church you make so much racket to get to me that somebody has to take you to the foyer.
Last week when you visited your Great Granddad Good at the retirement center,  you found someone that you thought was me and jumped off your momma's lap and ran towards her saying "Nana! Nana" (which I'd never heard you say) and threw a fit when she took you back to her table.
That thrilled this g'ma heart.  Little one, I hope this stage lasts FOREVER~

You watch your big sister for cues and imitate her every action ---
But you're quick to stand up for yourself  if need be
You've always been  the laid back easy baby -  so easy to put to bed for a nap and  now you're the busy, busy toddler -- exploring the world -- chattering away about your day -- even after your big sister has fallen asleep

Food makes you happy
And your mommy and daddy are your favorite folk.

Your drag your little chair all over my kitchen and quickly climb up to "holp"

ice is your new favorite food~ helps those new 
1st yr. molars coming in

You love to jumpy, jumpy, jumpy, and your Papa sees that you get to do it every chance -- and on EVERY  THING!!!
Impromptu nap while Papa babysat this past week

Sweet baby girl, your words are coming quickly -- but 'till then -- you find that if  grunt, point or wail for whatever you want  -- we're so glad to deliver!!!

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