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Saturday, January 4, 2014


I had a New Year's Day call from my friend, Charlene.  She was taking down her Christmas tree and was putting away ornaments that my mother and I had each given her--- she was thinking of me and decided to give me a quick call.---

That gave me the push I needed to take down the tree on Wednesday and as I did I thought about how much of our family history goes on the tree every year--

There's the ones we bought in India during our summer trips in the 70's -- ones from Mexico -- pine cones from a Chris Krinkle Market in Austria -- the candles that we clip on the tree like the ones on the missionary's tree in Vienna -- there are ones my mother made -- ones students have given me -- the bubbling lights like my Grandmother's tree in the 1950's --ones from my friend, Geeta, Charlene and so many dog ornaments from Dot and Earl -- I bought different ornaments for what the kids were involved in -- there are the ones the kids have made in elementary school --all reminders of special times with special loved ones.

Come to think of it so many of our decorations have history -- every time I think of tossing some -- a special memory of the person or place they are associated with comes to mind.  Reminders one more time of blessings --

ornaments from my tree growing up

a set of 8 stockings my mom made hoping for all their grandkids to be home for the holidays

a Father Christmas like the one we saw in Austria

A fabric wreath Bethany and I made when she was in elementary school
This Santa Marshall gave me when he was in second grade

Rudolph - my brother Bill made for us in the 70's!

a heart garland I sewed many years ago

Geese made by the husband of a friend 25 -30 years ago

a hand painted sweat-shirt from Dot --turned wall hanging

a wreath given by this same friend Charlene, when we were teenagers

a Christmas banner I designed and was finished by a friend Michelle

Our advent wreath given by my sister-in-law Sandy and completed with our ornaments from a trip to Eurekea Springs

A quilt I made in the early 90's from Christmas scraps

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