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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From the Mouths of Babes

Sydney Kate is growing and grunting for EVERYTHING she wants -- she's learned that all she has to do is raise up her arms to be picked up --point and grunt for what she wants -- and she's got it.
She is so aware of what C is doing and wants exactly what C has--
we're seeing so much modeling going on. When I think of S - I always think of the word peace -- she's such an easy baby and I've called her the "peacemaker" in the family.  Holding her -- you suddenly come to peace.

Campbell always keeps us laughing and our heads spinning wondering where she came up with that phrase --  like the other day when she told her mom she was making a "HYPOTHESIS" -- and explained later she'd learned that word at pre-school.

Sunday afternoon, her momma found her lying on the rug in the bathroom -- when asked what she was doing she said -- "Oh just talking to God -- He's my friend!."  At that point she got up and looked in the toilet --
"Is HE in here?" 

This shows how a morning can go with Campbell Hope 
 Or when she learned that their family was having another little Good --

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