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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And More Loss

Terry came in at noon to find Dirvey  had joined Macie in Doggie Heaven . . . Hyder was standing watch.

We had Dirvey for two years -- Bethany and Mat got her 8 years ago right after they married and moved to KC.  They decided their dog, Harley, needed a companion and rescued Dirvey.  We watched Dirvey come into her own with their TLC.

Bethany posted this on Facebook this afternoon . . .

Dirvey, our one-eyed, spinning, crazy little rescue pug who brought lots of smiles and LAUGHTER to lots of people went to her forever home in doggie heaven this morning. She was our fur baby before we had human babies and used to love to snuggle my belly when they lived in there. Real babies were too much for her & she spent the last few years getting way more love from my parents than we could've given her. We miss her & are thankful for the many laughs she brought our family

Dirvey was Terry's Father's Day present  when we realized that she wasn't going to be able to adapt to Bethany and Mat's growing family.  

She had her own special spot in the back yard where she liked to sun -- she talked and growled when she ate her food -- and sometimes would forget she was eating -- she walked from one-place to another by spinning in circles.  Dirvey didn't like change, or strangers and when company came would stay under the bed for hours and seldom venture out.  

We kept her Christmas of 2008 when Bethany and Mat went to Denver, and she stayed under our bed for SEVEN days -- we would have to drag her out and try to coax food to her under the bed.
She discovered that every night at 9:00 Terry would be giving out doggie treats and one night we looked up and Dirvey had joined the line-up of three other canines.  
Hyder is so lonesome now

She sort of did her own thing -  never really bonded with the other dogs -- But Harley took on the responsibility of looking out for her.  we had all sorts of pet names for her - "squirvey Dirvey" being one of them.  You couldn't walk her on a leash with all the whirling and twirling.

We really bonded with her on the Spring Break Trip to Denver to see Marshall in 2012 when we were "doggie sitting" for the kids.  We couldn't leave her behind with our other dogs who were being cared for by a friend because we weren't sure she was smart enough to make it inside if it rained.  She wasn't always sure what to do with the doggie door.  She sat in the back seat content to be the Alpha for a short time.

This little fur ball who left her mark so many places on our carpets -- not remembering to go outside and shed tons of hair everywhere -- certainly left her mark on our hearts.

 Dirvey connected with her two favorite people -- 
Bethany and Terry-- who were truly that!

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