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Monday, December 30, 2013


I love the warmth of the room when everyone is there . . . together .

I love the smells in the house --

I love the excitement and anticipation of children (tiny tots and old g'mas and g'pas) -- at Christmas we're all kids!!!

I love those yummy  foods that we don't dare eat any other time of the year --

I love the sacrifices people make to be together -- 

I love starting new traditions:

I love the time preparing and 
anticipating the time approaching ---


I love the effort that goes into to buying just the right gift -- and the meaning behind it-- hoping the other person will catch the significance of it.
Marshall shopped for C & S by buying them his favorite toys at their age
Yay Hungry Hippos -- Uncle Marshall and Glo worm -- did good!

We MISSED our CO kids like crazy and was so sorry they couldn't be with us -- but we enjoyed hearing about the traditions they have started of their own this year as husband and wife --  I love all the phone calls with them in preparation for the big day -- and the ones for days after -- followed by texts -- and pictures -- we just can't seem to let go of the holiday

Marshall horsing around with Katie's Green Bay duct tape (stocking stuffer)

We enjoyed the pics of them celebrating Grandma Jeanette's 90th birthday.One of the things they were able to do was each write 90 blessings for her -

It's been a wonderful year -- a great holiday --I'm feeling very happy -- brimming over!

Whether Christmas is celebrated at Thanksgiving, on the actual day or New Years  or even 4th of July-- whenever you can have your people -- under one roof together-- sharing love-- it's CHRIST-MAS!

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