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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thunder Bay - Mount McKay Day 3

We're all about taking our time and living with no schedule -- sooooo after Terry worked on his on-line teaching, we headed out to Mt. McKay overlook --

We had to cross this rickety old bridge to get to the look out -- it held us up -- though I did have my concerns!

So much dates back to late 1700's -- it's an area rich in history with the aboriginals, settlers from Scotland, Finland and Great Britain -- fur trading and exploration to the Pacific Coast

 Later, we made it out to Fort William and were able to watch the video of the early 1700 settlement that became part of the Boston Bay Company -- It is an interactive fort with a drive through exhibit of the early trappers and fur traders.

Spring is just now arriving in Ontario -- the plants resemble early March in OK.

After being at Gooseberry Falls I have been trying to find a Gooseberry Plant.  I grew up with my mom making the berries into pies --
International Gardens in Downtown Thunder Bay

Prices are quite a bit higher here in Canada -- Food prices --  sales tax and gasoline prices out the roof ($135.9 /liter --$5.16 / gal)

Kakabeka Falls will have to wait until tomorrow!

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