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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Bear, Black Bear, What Do You See??? I See Two Crazy Tourists Looking At Me- Day 6

 My favorites of the day --

Lots more drizzle and fog as we left Wawa (I found out in an aboriginal language that means big goose) --hmmm--- the reason for the big geese everywhere in the town.  It cleared and we were able to see much more of Lake Superior.  This is a land of thousands of inlets and lakes and the view is unbelievable.  My plan was to get some much-needed lesson planning for Kids University which starts Monday -- but the sights are breathtaking and I haven't been able to take my eyes off the road.

While I DID pick up the books this morning as we were inland away from the coast -- Terry spotted a black bear -- nothing would have it but he backed up and the old critter got pretty curious about us --

 OK - OK -- I did put a lot of pics in of the bear -- but remember we don't see these guys in Tulsa!

Today's critter count is one humming bird, one deer, one black bear and Moose sighting #3.


Whenever we travel in another country I collect signs Here's a few from trip

I missed a snowmobile crossing sign that we saw North of Lake Superior
Down this low???  Who could see this one? Wouldn't you have hit the speed bumps b/4 you see it?

Wish this were clearer -- It ways "Old Woman River"

Saw lots of these  . . .

Been to all of 'em on this trip except the top one

Everything was in French as well as English

Don't know if the extra checks really help as a warning . . .

On a busy street -- what person in a wheelchair would venture out in this traffic?

this sign looked the BEST to us!!!

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