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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Light Houses on Lake Michigan - Day 8 Great Lakes Tour

One of the things I hoped to see on this trip was coastlines dotted with light houses in various colors and sizes with from different eras.  Despite the fact that several ports talked of how many ships wrecked off their shores we didn't see that many.
Last week -- we came upon this well-know tourist spot -- featuring a well-know lighthouse that was erected after there were 29 shipwrecks one November -- NO way could you just drive by and take a few snapshots -- no -- it was a tour and $36 thank you very much.   They had that light house so obscured the only pictures would have to be from a fly-over.  

We passed on that one because we needed to get on across the border before bedtime and I was feeling a little cheap!  There is a lot of history on this particular coast that is certain.

There was a four hour light house boat tour in Sault Ste. Marie that we could take for almost 100 bucks -- PEOPLE -- I just wanted to see a few of these nautical beacons of light that had kept ships afloat -- but four hours on the lake -- don't think so --

So today -- I had my hopes up to actually get close to a light house  as we drove down the Lake Michigan Coastline.  Lake Michigan -- Thank you!!!!  I got a couple of good pics -- never mind that one was a souvenir  shop.

As we came inland -- we left fishing for farming.   I have discovered where all the grain, cheese and milk in American come from!!!  Such beautiful farms with lots of barns and silos -- one careful observation:  9 out of 10 farmers in Wisconsin paint their barns red -- wonder why???  These farms are huge operations and so well-kept -- 200 miles of farms on I-43 after we crossed into Wisconsin.

Throughout the week Terry has been teaching two on-line courses and we've had to make certain that each night we had wifi connections so that he could connect with his students and continue their on-line discussions.
McDonald's -- Iced Mocha and Good Wifi Connections

Yay!! Finally found another snowmobile crossing sign -- 500 miles further and on a different  coast.

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