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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crusing Through the Soo - Day 7

We decided to make it a two-day stay in Sault Ste. Marie so we could do the Soo Locks River Cruise -- We've had two long days of driving and wanted to have some down time b/4 a longer drive tomorrow.
It was 44 degrees and mostly cloudy -- we're going to remember this when we're back in Tulsa and it's a blistering 101~
Does this guy look relaxed or what???

It was so cold we had to set below -- met some nice folks from Indiana and learned about a must-see vacation for next time -- Mackinaw Island!

Loved "talking school" with another high school teacher  

This ship we passed -- and it was 1000 ft long

 heading through the locks

Lots of sea gulls on this trip --

The locks closed behind us to shut off waters from Lake Huron and raised the level 21 feet to the height of Lake Superior --

By the time we docked - the wind had picked up and nobody was on top --

Lots of new goslings on the lakes learning to swim

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