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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just wondering

Before Passover – the Israelites had to ready themselves.  Last week I revisited several Old Testament passages remembering verses we had lived off of the 12 years in preparation for our move. 
One thing caught my attention-- so many times, before a special celebration or God-encounter, He would tell them to wash their clothes in preparation -– What is it about dealing with our dirty laundry that is important to God?
They had been walking around that dusty desert and were a grimy bunch – they had spent so much time in the wilderness – the Bible says their clothes and shoes did not wear out – but doesn’t say their clothes were dazzling white – or that they weren’t a smelly bunch of folks.
When we put on fresh clean clothes – don’t we feel all brand new? – Don't we have more positive energy?

Could this have been symbol of being washed and fully clean through redemption?
Or than in Christ all things become new?
Celebrating Passover with Paislee and Roman

In your heart -- set aside tomorrow to remember that final Passover Jesus shared with his special friends -- remember that as He was breaking the bread and serving up the lamb --He knew HE was the PASSOVER LAMB... 

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