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Saturday, April 28, 2012

It All Started in a Garden

Kids' University has been busy creating their garden with the help of  our 8 TCC interns --
It's amazing the life lessons that come to mind when we begin to explain to them the wonder of growing things.

The transformation of the seed --

The nurture of the soil

The importance of deep roots --

The need for water and sun --

The productive outcome of all their hard work ---

The fruit that comes from this transformation process --

It's all about the miracle of life . . .
Mid March we planted our seeds

Mid April our Mohammed Ali Peace Garden Grant Supplies Arrived
We got three above ground garden frames

We protect our plants from the weeds and the deer

With the help of Ronny McGlothlin we were able to build some more

These two gals LOOOOOOVE their veggies!

We've made so many new friends digging in the dirt together!

We love to watch the wonder in their eyes when they see how much their plants have grown from week to week.

All hands on deck!!! We're using our kid-size tools that came with our Mohammad Ali Garden Grant
Thanks, Mr. Tom for these awesome plants!!!
These three turned out to be expert "squirters" with the hose!
We made fruit ka-bobs to celebrate our hard work and talk about what we expected to grow!

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