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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


          Wasn't it just yesterday Bethany was carrying her Cabbage Patch doll everywhere?
                      Weren't we  planning little girl parties and sleepovers just a few months ago?
                                Didn't she play school and dance to Amy Grant and create all sorts of obstacle courses with her brother only last week?

She's always been the one who could light up the room with her smile, make me laugh in a nanosecond, and take charge to make things happen--

Her Daddy called her "Smooch Pot" when she was a toddler -- 

As a preschooler, Bethany was the Big Sis who would watch over her brother with a protective eye and could be heard correcting him with "Marshall Bell you know better dan dat!"

AND NOW. . . .

Bethany's a wife,  a mommy, (of two)   a woman of God, an excellent photographer 
and watching her guide Campbell's development -- I would say she's still the teacher even though she's "retired".

She a strong woman who's faced tough times courageously.  I respect her tenacity --

She has a quick mind and her writing touches our hearts.

                             We love you so,
                                            Mom & Dad

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