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Saturday, March 17, 2012


 Maybe it was the way that she went nonstop until she dropped last  weekend or perhaps it was the sound of her little feet running down the hallway upstairs -- to see Papa -- or the fact that the whole weekend for her was an EXPLORATION -- (yes she does seem more and more like Dora the Explorer) -- but Papa and I found ourselves grinning and giggling all weekend with each new adventure.  It's like what happens when you plug in your cell phone when the battery is almost dead and all of a sudden the charging light keeps getting closer and closer to 100%

She spent the longest time playing in the fountain in our garden room

If I only had half Campbell's energy. . . (of course wouldn't that be weird -- a nana running 90 mph)
              She's growing up so quickly  -- what a miracle to watch her play --
                       She has such a curious nature and her days are summed in her songs she sings to herself and to her little critters.

Campbell mimics everything she sees and likes to repeat what she hears -

I found a lot of her songs includes "Papa" in them somewhere!"

Her biggest accomplishment was learning to use the doggie door and found if you back out of it you can quietly get yourself into the wide open spaces of the backyard -without the adults dogging your every step!

What a fun weekend,
We were pumped! 

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