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Friday, March 23, 2012

Colorado High Country

We hadn't been to Denver in over a year and so we wanted to have some time with Marshall - since his research schedule is more flexible right now.  We headed out on Friday afternoon, spent the night in Salina, KS and got to Denver about 4 on Saturday afternoon.

A lunch stop at Wendy's in Goodland KS was a special "God-moment" as the guy ahead of me in line ordered 14 Frosties for a bunch of college kids he didn't even know.
Before they left, they circled up with the man and his wife -- the place got quiet, they prayed -- I cried.
We had a little hitchhiker with us 
on the trip --We're doggie-sitting Bethany and Mat's two dogs while their house is on the market and their  little dog Dirvey (a special needs dog) couldn't stay behind with the other three dogs -- so we packed her up and put her in the back seat -- she was a trooper and soaked up all the TLC she got from Terry

Marshall planned a trip to Colorado Springs on Sunday and we were able to take in a lot of the sights that were important to Terry when he lived there as a kid.

It was fun being with my two guys and we caught up on Marsh's newest ventures in research and were able to see his lab and the high tech equipment he uses to operate and analyze his data.

On Monday T & I found some community gardens to research for Kids' University Garden this summer.

While Marsh worked, Terry and I were able to make two side trips -- Golden on Tuesday and 
Evergreen  on Wednesday.
Stream running right through center of town

Golden CO
Lunch out at Lupitas - M's favorite Mexican breakfast hang-out by the hospital --

Hiwan Homestead - 17 room log cabin from the early 1900's

Marshall worked a long night in ICU night -- came home yesterday morning exhausted we said our goodbyes and hit the road for Tulsa --after 11 hours --  home never looked so good.

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