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Saturday, March 31, 2012


These two guys have been working towards this dream for a long time.

You both embody the Spirit of Welcome!!! 

My favorite parts of the day??? --
seeing old friends --Amy coming from Katy, TX, Tracie flying in from North Carolina
and Leanna coming from Columbia, MO --and my cousin Mauri and his wife who helped us start LifePark --

      -- watching the kids  play and have such a great time--

                      ---sharing this time of serving with these special folks we love so much ---
    ------ Everybody working so very hard for so many months -- 
I'm still grinning about watching Joel spray down all the kids with the water hose -- I really think that was the biggest attraction of the whole day in that 85 degree weather.

There were prayers of dedication and special words from the mayor and his wife encouraging the neighbors who visited to know that they could receive hope and help from this Church family.

Somebody had a great time!!!!

We would pick an 85 degree day to ask you to dress up in those hot suits!!!

Joel kept the kids wet for an hour -- what a cool way to meet our neighbors!!!

Butchers Nacho Stand -- You two are awesome!!!

Phillip is always serving!!1

Mitzi makes you beautiful!!!

"Stay Dusty" closed out the day's celebration -- Roman loves watching Dad and Singing along!

What a wonderful surprise - -Thanks Church Family for the Getaway!!!

Thanks Michael for bringing all your critters!!!
You can always find Donna with the babies!

I want to give a special thanks to some people who kept the food coming and made the day run smoothly --

Jamie and Teri --
Michelle, Cody, Kayla and Aaron

Our two furry friends
April who kept the food comin'     

And Lora who ran the many kid activities and was takin' all the pics
so we don't have one of her!

Cecil -- thanks for keeping the electricity on -- getting the stands up -- and putting it all back together
and all the behinds scenes stuff you do all the time!

Has anybody seen Cecil???

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