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Friday, June 10, 2011


It's been a good day -- it was all about treasures. . .

                 Got a phone call from a very close friend from childhood and
                             had a new friend to lunch to work on children's curriculum--treasured friendship

                                   Got a beautiful home-baked birthday cake and a visit from two special teens
                                                   at Church - treasured gifts of the heart and hands

Finished my "Nana-stitching" for Campbell. What a treasure to sew for this little bundle of joy!   Here's a couple of my favorites:

Memory treasures . . .
I took a walk down memory lane and sorted a couple of keepsake tubs that I found in my attic purging project:

In my mom's tub, I found keepsake boxes she'd created  -- one held baby shoes and an envelope of baby teeth.(funny memo on the envelope- she had no idea whose they were -- oh well   -- there were letters I'd written her from college one of them marked "save" wonder what I said? -- mail from my brothers --and it seemed ALL the cards anyone had EVER sent her.

My tub held an article I had written for a ministry magazine way back in 1983, entitled, "So You Want to Marry A Minister" (10 helpful pointers --- hmmm maybe I'd better re-read that.),  letters from Terry when he was in India while we were dating, the flute I played in elementary and middle school,  my 2nd grade reading glasses and a straw bonnet from my childhood.  My mother was the ultimate treasure keeper.

You can only save so much -- how many tokens from your past does it take to help you remember what a happy childhood you had?  I'm not certain -- but the time remembering was so rich -- they were sort of anchors to the past --
                       the time spent with friends was even more a blessing securing me to the future.

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