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Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration

  Now that Bethany has shared Campbell's birthday blog -- I'll post mine. 

                                                                                                                                          photo by Rachel at Love is Rising
Last Saturday evening when we got to Bethany and Mat's place in Kansas City it was "Birthday Central"  Bethany had a lengthy to-do list for us all to work from and it as a whirlwind of activity- from the time we arrived until we went to bed on Sunday night -- it was soooo  much fun!  Nobody worked as hard as Bethany and Mat - and I would have to say Katie and Marshall ran a close second.

Bethany's theme was Flamingos (since they stand on one leg -- and C turning ONE - it seemed to fit).  Bethany is the ultimate party planner and that came early in her life (at 6 she planned a surprise birthday party for me with her daddy and asked me who I wanted to invite to my surprise party)  This year, true to course, Bethany even worked in a birthday dinner for me on Saturday evening the night before Campbell's birthday bash!--

Campbell was quick and into everything!
Two days before, on Friday, C took her first three steps while visiting her great Granddad Good for the first time and then teased us the rest of the weekend -- but wouldn't quite get up the confidence to walk again.  She became "rubber legs" every time we tried to get her to do so.

So many GOOD memories - 

everybody pitching in to pull this party off -- 
Marshall and Katie left Denver late Saturday night and made it in about three hours before the party!!!  What a welcome sight!! We were all thrilled they could make it.  They got to stay only about 7 hours ~

With an 80% chance of rain -- Terry and Katie working together to put up a portable canopy
(loaned from next door neighbors)  HOWEVER no rain -- lots of prayers and Hallelujahs for that break in the weather)  

Marshall was the designated "snow cone maker" and worked out of that tent all afternoon making sure everybody was well taken care of.

Campbell and Dirvy were thrilled with the wagon Pappa and her Daddy put together --

Don't know who enjoyed it more!
                                                                  photo by Rachel at Love is Rising

There was a water table, and inflatable baby pool with, a bubble machine and a ladder game the adults played.  Campbell was totally enthralled with the pool, the children and playing with sticks.
                                                                           photo by Rachel at Love is Rising

These two are sooooo competitive!

Campbell loved her little pool -- 
it amazed Grammy Jan and I as we watched  over her "swimming" how long she sat mesmerized by the water

                                                                                                                                                       photo by Rachel at Love is Rising
She planted face down!  More sugar than she's had in her entire life!!!!

Lots of Yummy treats:

There were stuffed jalapenos, taco bites, cheeses, fruits, veggies and lots of deeeeeelicious sweets

One little two-yr. old must have eaten a half dozen of Bethany's strawberry cake balls (with Flamingo skewers, of course)
My favorite, too --  --                                           photo by Rachel
Cute flamings to carry out the theme made by B's friend Elizabeth Fank -- Photo by Rachel

Bethany set up a photo booth for all the guests to have their pictures made with Campbell - Rachel snapped some great ones!!!

Our thoughts were also of Parker Grace

Lilies we planted last June in honor or Parker Grace.

and we released a dozen purple balloons for her celebration in Heaven with a prayer by her Pappa.

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