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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's hard to believe that this little lady will be one year old -- just 6 days from now.  I remember those weeks of bouncing her on a huge therapy ball beside the humming vacuum cleaner to get her to finally sleep.
Her family and friends are coming together to celebrate this blessed year we've had with her in a few days.  God's grace has been with us these past 12 months as we've savored every bit of time we could get with her.  It's sure to be a gala event -- I won't share the theme -- but it's one only her momma could think of --of course I'll post the pictures.

In a parenting class last night, the DVD teacher, Tim Kimmel talked about how Hope and Grace are the two sides of a coin. It was a beautiful lesson on the helplessness of our babies and how as we extend grace to them, meeting their every need, we give them hope, building in them a sense of anticipation and trust.   He went on to parallel the fact that our Father has built that same Hope in us as HE's  gracefully cared for us.

That's our two girls -- While we're celebrating a beautiful year together down here with Campbell Hope our own precious Parker Grace knows the fullness of HIS grace and love. She's basked in His love and celebrated the glory of being in His presence these months.  Heaven is even dearer and sweeter now --Some day we'll be a forever family with you, Parker Grace -- our thoughts will be with you this weekend. You are our treasure.  Love you, Nana

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