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Monday, June 27, 2011

SevenThings I Learned From My Granddaughter

Campbell and Bethany just left this morning after four fun days!  Bethany had several photo shoots so that meant that we had little Miss C all to ourselves!  We had to be on our toes and draw on everything we remembered from raising her Momma and Uncle Marshall.  Here's what this Grandma learned from the whole experience.

1. Little girls who stay up past their bedtimes don't sleep in -- they just wake up earlier.

2. When you turn one, your Nana has to learn to change diapers on the move --

3.  Refrigerator  "surfing" is a good pass time for little girls who are in need of something to do.

4.  Strollers work just as well inside as outside to quiet a little lady who didn't nap long enough and woke up before Nana got HER nap.Pappa to the rescue!!!

5. Pappas are the best stroller drivers b/c they sing while they push 'em.

6. When you're not quite walking--- knees get you where you want to go much more quickly --- and making it to the top of the stairs is soooo much fun!

7.  If you wrinkle up your nose and give a big wide grin - it will get you ANYTHING YOU WANT!

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