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Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s Not about Me –

There’s not time to wallow in who we’re not – continually apologizing for our shortcomings and slip-ups and misdeeds.  There is such a need and call placed on us to go and be His hands and His feet that we dare not spare the time for such self -pity and self-loathing.    Jesus wants us to repent of it and  get over ourselves because He has a world out there that needs re-claiming and re-connecting to His redemptive love.   
That happens  when we do what we’re good at – LOVING – in the special unique ways he has made us ---but It’s not ABOUT us – It’s about what he wants to do in, and through, and with us.

I like what was in this Friday’s post from Meet Me in the Meadow”
Self-righteousness, self-justification and self-sufficiency   do not magnify the Lord’s sacrifice, redemption, and atonement for us on the cross. It is only through brokenness,        humility,  and repentance that we can fully magnify who the Lord is and what He has done in our lives.
For it is out of our poverty that we magnify His riches;
 it is out of our smallness that we magnify His greatness;
 it is out of our frailty that we magnify His power;
it is out of our need that we magnify His fullness;
 it is out of our flaws that we magnify His perfection;
 it is out of our deficiency that we magnify His abundance;
it is out of our unworthiness that we magnify His mercies;
it is out of our imperfection that we magnify His beauty;
it is out of our weakness that we magnify His strength;
it is out of our insufficiency that we magnify His grace.

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