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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nana and Papa Sitting

Campbell wearing her momma's Sesame Street Live Shirt from 30 years ago

This little lady's mommy ran a half-marathon in Austin with one of her best friends - and she needed her Nana and Papa to come stay with her -- we were only TOOOO glad to oblige!!! 

The tornado/ severe thunderstorm Thurs. night caught us and we had to turn around and head back to Tulsa.  We got up EARLY Friday morning and headed to KC - I drove a large part of the trip and by the time I gave C her lunch I was pooped.

 Early Friday afternoon I left her with Papa to take quick nap (short refuel for the next few hours) -- I came back in to find that Papa was worn out from chasing our active little adventurer and had built barricades -- he was pretty proud of himself.

Mat was on a 12 - hour shift at the hospital and so we were not quite sure how the evening would go -- to keep things calm we thought we'd best keep to Bethany's schedule -- except for the fact that we did take Campbell out to KFC for supper -- (no problem -- we decided against the extra crispy crust on her's ;-)

Things went well through the night Fri. night and so with a morning nap accomplished we decided with the sun finally out to warm up the chill we'd head for the park with Campbell's daddy

Campbell is always on the move and does lots of exploring -- (the name plate on the wall was one of her curiosity pieces --Mommy had to take it off the wall over her crib --don't know how long it will last on the floor, either).

We all worked pretty hard to keep Campbell Hope happy so she wouldn't miss her Mommy.  I told Terry I didn't know how I could have done the weekend without him.  I forgot how much fun he always was for our kids and how many songs he entertained them with.  Here's my favorite of:
"Bee Bop a Louey"

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