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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Am I Holding On To?

In the past week I discovered I have lost something that was very important to me -- my lime green ipod! 'Getting to the season of life where I have been known to misplace things, I turned our house upside down trying to locate this special treasure. Terry gave it to me last Mother's day and I use it when I work out. I was really bummed when I couldn't find it. I wracked my brain trying to remember the last time I had seen it in it's usual place on the kitchen desk -- I was beginning to get a bit obsessed with this significant loss, when I remembered an older Indian missionary, J.C. Johnson, many years ago quoting Augustine. We are creatures of eternity and NO THING in time can satisfy us. WHEW -- that made it all take on different dimension.
Something else God brought to mind were the words of Henry Blackaby in his Bible study, Experiencing God, Don't hold ANY THING in your heart that you can hold in your hand.

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