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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Word Art

Starting back to school always means sitting through in-service activities. Every year the administrators want to make certain we are keeping our students engaged in the learning process and provide in-service workshops to keep us abreast of what's going on in the field of technology. Being digital immigrants - teachers my age can appear from the dark ages to the digital "natives" or ("millenials" as they are called -- the 10 yr-olds to 31 yr. olds). So it's important to keep up.

I tried to prepare myself for school by taking some classes this summer in skyping, blogging and how to use the cell phone to an educational advantage. Yesterday I learned a new concept -- making word graphs from paragraphs of written text on a web site called and then having students write summary sentences about the main idea of a text.

That looked like fun . . . so

I pasted in the text from my last blog post. It enlarged the words I said the most frequently in the text -- and put them into a graphic design. hmmmmm. See how large the words "favorite" and "time" are.

I got to thinking -- would I want my conversations
put in graphic form?

What WORDS do I use the most?

What do I talk ABOUT the most?

WHAT or WHO should I bring into conversation
more often than I do?

I think I know what you would tell me the center of my communication has been these past few months.

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