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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Marshall arrived yesterday for his two-day visit. He's been working some 90+ hour weeks -- He came exhausted and we are thrilled he was able to spend a part of his vacation here and at the same time, visit friends in both OKC and Dallas. Bethany came for a longer stay to be able to spend time with her brother and anxious for Campbell to have some quality time with her favorite Uncle.

Before picking Marshall up, Bethany and I had gone up to Owasso to show off Baby C to some friends and by the time we did lunch, and made the airport -- the little Princess was all tuckered out from several interrupted naps. . .She never quite got enough rest the remainder of the day so we had a very LONG night and by 3:00 am it was time for Nana to walk the floor and try to soothe down our little "nap striker" Several choruses of "Campbell, Jesus Loves You" with the vacuum cleaner as back-up music -- by 3:45 this morning she was sound asleep. Pappa and I took her bouncy chair upstairs to our room to let Mommy sleep -- by 6 AM she was wide awake, ready to eat and play with Uncle M.

It's been a GREAT visit and I feel blessed we have gotten to be together twice this summer. --- Everything I've prayed for. In case you can't tell, I miss our kids SO MUCH, them living so far away -- and when they leave -- this house seems pretty empty!

If your family lives close to you or far away -- make whatever time you get together special ---
cook their favorite food
set the table with your best dishes,
even eat in the dining room
but let them know that they are your favorite folks in the whole world!!!!
Your people are your great treasure and you're
doubly blessed if they live near by!

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