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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You know, hospitality is a concept introduced in the book of Hebrews with a "Practice Hospitality . . .don't forget to . . . because in doing it some have entertained angels."
In our 36+ years of marriage we have enjoyed lots of company and and love being able to host friends and family during the time they are under our roof. When we go on vacation, I like to go to places that treat US like company.

We started our 3-day getaway with our very FAVORITE spot, OUR DAUGHTER AND SON-in-LAW'S house. Those kids could run a B & B and in some cases they almost do. They had just had a family of four in for the weekend and we nearly crossed paths in their driveway. It meant Bethany hurriedly changed the linens so we would have fresh ones, Mat rushed to the grocery in the village and started his grill. They served the most delicious grilled pizzas!

I can tell we are already into role-reversal, because whenever we're in her kitchen, Bethany will say such things as, "No, Mom -- just sit still and talk while I cook -- you're on your vacation." Wow! When was the last time I heard that? Mat will come through and make sure that we have plenty of snacks and beverage. Nobody did that for us at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando last summer!

Because I like to BE company as well as HAVE company, we decided to find a B & B in Kansas on our way home. We discovered a GEM --- Lyon's Twin Mansion in downtown Ft. Scott, KS! Mat grew up spending summers on his grandparent's farm there and was puzzled why anyone would choose a B & B in Ft. Scott.

Miss Pat is the gracious innkeeper and has helped us discover the rich history of this town and the house which predates the 1870's and her turn of the century house. Breakfast this morning was the full fare in a lovely dining room set with the prettiest china. Conversation was equally delightful as all told where we'd come from and where we were headed. . .what antique shops were a "must-browse" . . .and where the best historical sites were.

We chose this getaway time as a work / relax vacation because Terry and I both needed to tie up the loose ends of our Fall courses. We prayed for the right spot and good weather and God gave us both. . . Since the "White House" Cottage had no other guests --we have the whole place to ourselves.

A rain yesterday blew in cooler weather. Our little cottage has 3 porches where you can soak up the smells and sights of their gardens. We've been gone 48 hours we're getting lots done and have started to relax!

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