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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We had a wonderful trip to Denver last weekend to visit Marshall in his newly acquired condo and enjoyed the time to kick back and get into his world for a couple of days. He gave us his only bed, made a pallet for himself in his spare bedroom and went out of his way to give us a great time.

Marshall planned that on Sunday we would go up Estes Park to enjoy the mountains and have a leisurely lunch. We chose a little rooftop restaurant that specialized in the best tappas in town and had a great view of the valley and it's surrounding peaks. At his suggestion, we all three decided to ride the tram up the mountain to get a better view of the area.

Once on top Marshall bought peanuts in a shell and we found ourselves totally engrossed in throwing peanuts to the chipmunks and watching how rapidly they would crack the shell, chomp on the "goobers" and race for more from the next passerby who happened to toss them a treasure.

We found a critter who attached himself to us, named him after a favorite friend of ours who equally enjoys his food and then decided to see how much this little guy would cram into his chubby cheeks. He was so tame he would eat out of our hands. He continued to keep packing it in. For this short time we lost ourselves in this game of "stuffing the rodent".

Our ride down was just as breathtaking as the trip up. We found ourselves asking our young porter questions like, "How many times a day do you ride this trip?" "Where do YOU go for vacation - the flatlands?" "How do you handle it when people have panic attacks on the ride?" 'Funny the things you think of when you start relaxing and just start observing life.

We noticed that in the party of 10 waiting to board when we disembarked, there were 4 little Hispanic boys chatting excitedly in Spanish about their awaiting trip. The delight in their eyes showed they expected much from this ride -- Humorously, we thought of all kinds of things we could say like, "Watch out for the black bears up there." (none of us knew the spanish word for 'bears' -- and we thought better to let that one pass.)

We packed a lot into those 3 short days. . . what fun . . just enough to wish for more!

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