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Saturday, May 9, 2009

If It's Saturday -- He Must Be in Nepal

Someone said to me the other night, your kids are not afraid of anything! That was said in response to the fact that with travel advisories posted in some areas, Marshall went on with his travel plans to go to Nepal. He did lots of checking as to the safety of it, and the morning he was to fly out of Delhi he called to tell us it was a "go". It was bedtime here in the states and I woke several times during the night to pray "Lord shut the airports if it's not safe for him to go there." Knowing how uncertain political changeover can be -- and how unaware tourists can be of what is actually going on in a foreign country, I prayed for his discernment and wisdom. Other reports from people inside the country have been that things are very calm and peaceful at this time.

The one thing I do know is that lots of folks have been in prayer for him here. I have to attribute his safety to that fact.

Marshall's gotten his wanderlust from his parents, I suppose. When the kids were small, we carted them all over the world and both of our kids have loved to travel and work in other parts of the globe. Canada is in his heart since he went to Northern British Columbia to complete a semester there his junior year. Marsh also wants to help my brother Allen do medical missions in Zambia.

He's spent the last 8 years in libraries and labs and taking scores of tests. This medical rotation in India and traveling to Nepal is something that he has wanted to do before he starts his 4-5 yr. residency program in hospital operating rooms working 70 - 90 hr. weeks.

Marshall and I were chatting on-line this morning -- it was Sat. night for him up in the Himalayas and me at the computer upstairs. He asked me what I was doing for Mother's Day -- I said I was doing it talking to him on line!

Be safe Marshall and come home soon.
God is with you.
Love ya, Mom

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