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Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Fav's

It’s been loads of fun this summer.  – we’ve made a lots of memories.

> Jack’s bounding up the steps, “Where’s Papa?”

>Sydney’s waking up early always in a good “chirpy” mood – talking to her baby doll  – meeting me in the common area upstairs – “Can I play with my dolly house?”

>Campbell’s cartwheels all over the house and mothering (and bossing) the other two when they will let her – hanging out with me on Tuesdays when Jack and Sydney are in pre-school.  

>Shopping for the homeless with her and letting her decide all that we would put in the blessing bags that KU Kids were making.  
>Family dinners in the dining room with all three clamoring for their time to say the prayer

>Chats with Bethany and Mat in the den when the house gets quiet and all are finally in bed.

>Sunday night suppers with everybody cooking dinner in the kitchen.
>Camp Nana Pawpaw while Mommy & Daddy were in Sonoma

>Sunday afternoon work days with Mat and Bethany sweating up a storm – and the kids opting out of work to play in the yard and drink Gatorade (a rare treat)

>Sand castle moments.

>Monday morning walks with the kids on scooters always ending up at the school playground.
Bethany has taken on the cooking and she and Mat have shared in our yard work and they made certain that others took care of the upkeep and cleaning on the house – it’s been a relaxing summer and one that has allowed me to stay free to relax and play with the kids,  giving me time to study these littles carefully – looking deep into their smiling faces and seeing the miracle and wonder of a growing child.  

Bethany and I keep reminding ourselves that – Jack isn’t going to be 3 for very long and that these years are passing so quickly -- We remember that Sydney still is the child whose many facial expressions say it all – or that Campbell’s tender heart, strong will, imagination, and creativity are going to carry her far.  She’s the little girl who has cartwheeled herself through the whole summer. 

We've gotten to spend time with our CO babies twice this summer.  We launched the summer with a Memorial Day trip to Denver , spending 4 days.  
Sweet little Clara, says “thank You” for everything and now she’s nearing the two’s where she’s already starting to exert her own will.   Charlie has a precious grin and adores his big sister waiting on her every move.
It thrills me that it takes such a very short time for them to get reacquainted with us.  Marshall and Katie’s take on that is “They don’t have a choice – you’re their grandparents.”  Face-timing just isn’t enough – we have to get our hugs and playtime with them.

These are moments Terry and I have cherished and savored this summer.    Just like my parents, we retell every fun thing all five of our grands have done that day.  We know that we are blessed beyond measure to share in these special times.  Being in this moment watching them grow – to us is a true gift!

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