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Monday, April 10, 2017

Looking for Jesus

With his wild shock of curly hair and the right tunic with leather sandals he could pass for pictures we see today of the apostle Peter.
This tall lanky senior is sold out for Jesus.  He came to know Jesus this past summer and has the passion and excitement of a new believer.  His artwork which in previous years had been somewhat ghoulish - now carries a Christian theme.

Being his teacher this year has been a special God gift.  Some days he shows up to sit and read his Bible in my classroom during lunch.  I asked him the other day what he was reading . . .ISAIAH!  

He often comes to my room with a deeply spiritual question
What do the Jehovah Witnesses believe about Jesus and Heaven?  (I had to Google that one!!!)

What about dreams?  Is that God talking to us?

Most recent:  Why don't the Jews believe? --

We turned to Matthew . . . where the Jewish leaders sent guards to seal the tomb and after the resurrection - bribed them to keep his resurrection under wraps.

I see all of faith with new eyes --

That's what this season of Lent & Easter has done for me -- 

The Jewish leaders said that if the story of the resurrection surfaced, the outcome would be worse than any other thing Jesus said -- reason enough to seal the tomb and put Guards!!

What if . . .the guards hadn't taken the bribe?  Wouldn't they have been the greatest witnesses of the whole weekend?

Think of all those miracles surrounding Salvation weekend . . . 

An earthquake ---

3 hours of darkness

Tombs open --- dead people walking around the city.

A dead man who brings HIMSELF back to life.  

Appearances to disciples who often weren't sure who they were talking to.

This season of reflection, repentence and renewal is one I look to every year.

In the Resurrection --
     > I know who took my place

      > I know I'm gonna rise again

      > I know who is making a home for me.


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