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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Welcome to Our Family Clan, Charles Artie Bell II

We thought we were going to have a little leprechaun -- but you arrived one day early for St. Patrick's day and a day before your due date!!!  Charlie, we're all so thrilled you are a part of our Bell/Good Clan!  God blessed us with you -- a healthy boy who seemed to instantly become one of us!

Weighing in at 7# 12 oz --19 1/2 inches

Big sister got to meet you just minutes after you were born!

The rest of your family waited for two days to find out
 what you were named -- Your daddy made an awesome video to announce your name exactly 48 hours after you were born.

Charles Arthelde Bell 
after your great grand dad.

We got to come celebrate your birth just a week later -- we couldn't wait to meet you!

Big sister, Clara fell instantly in love with you and loves to share her toys with you by tossing them into your bassinet.

C takes care of her baby as she sees momma taking care of you.

Clara and daddy are big buddies . . . she's been helping  him with all his chores -it won't be anytime until you're right there holding a wrench or hiding his tools

And we all take care of Clara. . .  she doesn't lack for attention or love from all her cute little antics

Pawpaw and big sis became fast friends!!!

Clara and I got in lots of cuddle time since she was sick with a cold for two days.  Mommy has been on call 24/7 for two weeks taking care of you both.

Sweet baby Charlie, it was such a special week getting to snuggle with you as you became part of our family!  Our family is blessed because you came to us.  We can't wait to see the special boy you grow to be.

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