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Sunday, November 20, 2016

On My Way Out

How do you want to go out??  What do you envision as your last moments on this earth?  Forgive me if that sounds macabre – but all this will end at some point for each of us.  It’s a fact of our eternal life.

A fellow teacher passed suddenly this summer to the sweet sounds of her beautiful daughters singing “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”  These young women of faith were celebrating the Godly life of their mother – cut short at just 60 years.  .  . knowing how much they had been blessed!!

Terry and I recently watched a Netflix drama about Mary, Jesus mother, called “Full of Grace”.  We know so little of Mary and so much is left to speculation.  
When we were in Ephesus – our guide showed us the mountain – side village that it is believed to be where John cared for Mary.    I could just imagine that as I looked  up into those hills and saw the smoke curl upward from one of the cottages. 
 In my study of John this summer – the commentator I read mentioned how little is heard of John in those years just after Jesus resurrection – perhaps because he saw his immediate ministry that of caring for his Master’s mother.  
Of course that --and the movie- are both just speculation. 

The movie showed her last days spent reflecting on those pivotal  times of her life with Jesus and sharing  of her love for her Son and his passion to reach people.
The apostles would ask her what to do with this Church of His. Her comments were always – “Remember where you were when He called you” 

In her  final moments a  few of the disciples are with her and having communion – as the bread crossed her lips it reminded me of Matt. 25:29  where Jesus says I will not drink this again with you until we drink  it anew in my Father’s Kingdom –
I don’t know if that is as it really happened – I know that this feast was frequent among the early Believers. 

As we watched this scene, I told Terry – that’s the way I want to go out – sharing in His Feast and just slide right into my place at the Heavenly  table as I move into my new Home and Jesus hands me the wine.

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