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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Marking Time

 God bless america
I have seen the documentaries on tv for the last week, it’s the 15th anniversary of that dreadful day.
I was in my classroom – going about my day when Terry called and said to  turn on the tv  The rest of the day was a blur of video reeling the horrific events.   Our lives in America were forever changed.  Over and over on billboards you saw the phrase “God Bless America!”  Flags were flown from everywhere – the back of pick-ups – in classrooms and front yards. 
So many lives lost – so much destruction and our focus was turned to a new enemy.  Terrorism was cropping up in the mid-east and we set about as a nation to stop it. Over the past fifteen years - one regime gets taken down and another crops up --  Our focus is now on defeating ISIS.  Fear breeds in our discussions, news reports and in our hearts as radicals now are cropping up in America.
Reading stories of the persecuted Church – they remind us that in the darkest of times the light of Jesus shines brightest in conversion both of self and others.  Brothers and Sisters in distant lands who have been incarcerated for years, talk about the strong and beautiful relationship they had with Jesus during this time. 
In the worst of times suddenly there is a new focus on Jesus.  Yes, as Israel did, we must fight the enemy -- but in all of this frenzy of our times – Love is Greater – for those who are different from us --- for the enemy within and without.

Jesus still is the only way.
Greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world (Satan)
This verse from 1 John 5 restores my peace and gives me HOPE.

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