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Sunday, February 14, 2016

No Greater Love

It's Valentines Day and the message of LENT and the "day of LOVE" is:  God loved  first and God's love is soooo deep and wide and high.

The Greater LOVE that God has for us  includes the intimacy that HE wants to share with us.  Revelation tells us to those who overcome, Jesus will give a white stone with a new name on it -- known only to Jesus and that person.  THAT is intimacy.  I have felt that closeness and intimacy never  more than in this is season of my life.  I've often wondered what name would be on mine.

Sometimes this love is  more than I can get my mind around -- so in turn -- I'll use the parts of it I do "get" and pass that on to my peeps. . . .

A man who loves me unconditionally . . . always has 

Children who just hearing them say "mom" evokes such a swell of pride and love in my chest.

Grandchildren who say the name "Nana" and I come running-- ready at their beck and call.

Sometimes life gets hard and life gets painful and all the things that are part of our story here - 
I watch my man cope with intense physical pain - and see him choose the high road to stay busy and keep planning for the future -- creating lessons and grading forums for his university classes. Terry gives his utmost to playing with the g'kids -- making up games -- singing silly songs and teaching them all sorts of interesting things from what they "google" together.

As my man chooses to be in the moment  - to give his utmost to family -- I see a depth of love that is incomparable to what we see in today's culture.

He loves because he knows he is loved. . . by us and even more by our Father.

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