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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Christmas Wishes

A certain little 3 month old yanked on Santa's beard pretty hard as momma was lifting her off his lap.
It's been a perfect start to our holiday season --
Starting with Beka Hyde and Trenton McVicker's wedding in Yukon, OK   We enjoyed being with both families as this special couple began their lives together.
Elizabeth and Glen hosted a beautiful weekend for the 200+ wedding guests.  She is an expert event planner!

Maddie, an accomplished vocalist "rocked" Ave Maria as Beka and Trenton lit their family candle.

We've watched Beka grow up - Terry baptized all three of the Hyde kids and we loved getting to know Rebecca's beau, Trenton as we did their premarital counseling preparation.  Rehearsal went effortlessly.

We LOVED staying at the Skirvin, a historic old hotel in downtown OKC.

Terry was under deadlines to complete grading for his 19 OKWU pastoral counseling students ordination class.

As the ceremony ended we headed off to Colorado country -- and made it as far as Salina, KS before bedtime.  We dropped in on Katie and Clara early afternoon and then yesterday got to Nana / Papa sit while mommy and daddy worked.
Clara is one happy little girl with lots
 of expressions and loves to talk back to ya.
She is pretty "chill" about everything 
and the best little shopper --
 Katie and I introduced her to it today

When we arrived in Denver there was snow on the ground and the promise of intermittent snow throughout the rest of the week.

Our Tulsa kids are driving all day Christmas day so that we can have Christmas dinner together --
I'm getting my Christmas wish -- all my family together in one place for the holidays!  Jim and Jan Good are hosting the whole crew with the Whelan's from Kansas (Jan's sister-in-law and sons).

. . . now to get them to pose for a group picture!  I'll have a lot more cell phones ones I'm sure!

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