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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fourteen Days of Family

Our Christmas was exactly what we prayed for -- special memory making time with family.  God gave and gave and gave!!!

It's the longest we've been away from home in forever!!!   Can't remember when. . . Keilah Obert-Thorn agreed to be our dog/caregiver - house sitter and we always feel confident when she's watching over our dogs.


Christmas Pinata for Uncle Marshall and the girls

Shopping in OKC on Saturday - helped me to add to my Christmas crazy gifts.
This took up sooo much space in the car!

Christmas shopping was complete by Thursday and Christmas morning we breakfasted at
Marshall and Katie's with Jim and Jan.  Marshall and Katie featured their Scotch Eggs
Three of our four bright heads (brains)

Marshall built a fire pit for their backyard earlier in the fall.  He spent lots of time getting rid of the Christmas boxes and excess wood from their apple tree

Bethany and Mat kept us updated with hourly reports as to where they were along the way as they headed to Denver on Christmas day.  They loaded up lots of ski clothing, snacks and activities to make it the 700 miles from Tulsa.  (There are 3 kids in there also!)

Their expressions changed as they logged more and more miles.

This Super Mom  hosted two Christmas breakfasts and worked four 13-hour shifts while we were with them.  Katie and Marshall set up the most comfortable rooms for us while we enjoyed their home for 12 days.
We had Christmas with the whole Bell/ Good Clan on the 26th at Marshall and Katie's - Mat and Bethany made certain we all had Ugly Sweaters for our favorite teams!
Our 3 beautiful granddaughters

and one handsome little guy

I wanted a picture of us with our grands -- Sydney didn't want to give up her chair and Jack wanted to be anywhere but there. 

We got to babysit Clara on her 4 month birthday Sunday.

and we tag-teamed baby sitting with Marshall.  He's a real hands-on daddy!  

Monday morning sledding just up from the cabin where their daddy used to sled as a boy.

Lunch in Vail

group hug -- these 3 LOVE each other!!!  

The 3 Bears:  Papa Bear, Baby Bear and Big Black Bear
Sydney lasted both full days of ski school.

The girls loved ski school and the instructors couldn't believe Campbell had never skiied before!

Mat has skiied since he was a preschooler.  All 3 enjoyed a great day - Tuesday.

Mat and Bethany were able to take in a 2nd day on the slopes - breaking for lunch in the lodge.

We enjoyed their stories of skiing --
C's first words -- "I fell down, I cried, I got back up"  They were super excited to have conquered that mountain on two skinny boards!  Sydney loved it and enjoyed the lunch.

Wrapping up two days of skiing with cocoa!

In the meantime . . . Jack had the undivided attention of his grandparents 
reading with Nana

Playing Chase with Grammy
The giggles and laughter flowed!

The J T GOOD game of chase

Friday morning it was time to kiss this little gal goodbye
 -- missed her the whole trip~

We were packed to the roof -- thanks to Marshall and his Dad's expertise -and spent New Year's on I-70 / 35

New Year's Sugar Bowl with Daddy while Mommy worked.

Everyone gave their utmost to make this Christmas season delightful.  It was vastly different than Christmas 2014.  This gracious woman was hostess to so many meals during our time together.

She has come through so much in this last year and we celebrate with her good health and many more family times together!
I love sharing grandbabies with this delightful lady!

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