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Monday, December 14, 2015

Ready, Set, It's Christmas Already at Our House

I know it's early - but we started family Christmas this weekend.  Bethany and Mat had his Oklahoma Heart party  Sat night so we had a sleepover with the 3 little Goodlets and tonight we had our family Christmas dinner and tree with the kids.  OK, so it's early - but we leave on Friday to head to Denver by way of a wedding in OKC this weekend.  Long story short - we don't see them until after Christmas day, when we meet up in Vail to visit with Mat's parents;

My rush to decorate early and even decorate at all was to see the kids take it all in.  I have to admit that with lower energy - I almost didn't put ANYTHING up outside.  .  . but I wanted to see the kids faces looking at the lights.

We have a lot of horns and trumpets on our tree every year - and the kids do the usual undressing the tree -- Jack went for the lower ornaments that were all the dogs from the past -- Campbell the big horns and she blows them all over the house. Sydney wasn't so sure that you should take things off the tree.

This year we added indoor snowballs and have the most fun with snowball fights with Papa.  

It was  so delightful hearing Campbell yell, "A microscope -- just what I always wanted"!  
Sydney asked where her 3rd present was -- she liked the thrill of anticipating what was in the box.
Jack just played with the boxes -- he loved them best - but did take to his school bus of people.

Terry and I are giving each other the trip to CO for Christmas so that we can spend time bonding and loving on sweet Baby Clara -- we get to keep her during the time that Katie works her RN shift at the hospital and Marshall is on call.

And then hopefully we get to spend at least 24 hours with all of our family together in Vail.
Marshall works most of the holiday and we're hoping they can catch some time off.

So much to be thankful for this holiday season. .  . and family is the best place to spend our time.  Jan Good and I have reason to rejoice -- God has given us a year of healing!!!  

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