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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sweet Baby Jack

4 weeks - 10 lbs 

Jack Tucker Good - you've been busy growing -- you've gained back the pound you lost after birth and 3 more -- grown two inches and are always hungry. -- you and momma see a lot of late night hours with all those feedings -- we guess that you've been in one serious growth spurt since you got here.

Pappa showed up to baby sit with his airstream shirt-didn't know you had one too.

You like to be held -- and we take advantage of that knowing that you'll grow up all too quickly and be racing around the house with your two big sisters. 

C & S can't get enough of you!  You seem to relax with Campbell holding you and Sydney Kate loves to kiss your head and name all your body parts as she pokes them.

It's gone so quickly your first four weeks -- Mommy kept hoping you'd get here sooner -- and decided you HAD to make your appearance b/4 I went back to school -- then Sydney came down with hand, foot and mouth -- that slowed things down a bit  --- sister got well before you showed your sweet baby face.

Big Sis C & S came for sleepovers while your Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital --
We kept our phones on all day waiting to hear you'd arrived --
FINALLY we got the news and Campbell was sooo excited to hear you were ACTUALLY here!

 Within an hour from the call we made it to the hospital to see you for the first time.

Campbell was all about being with you and couldn't stand to be away from you for very long.
Sydney wasn't sure what was going on -- but seeing Mommy and Daddy made it all OK.

There were lots of photo ops with the favorite nurses and hospital staff in the birthing area.

Pappa and Campbell supervise as Daddy gives you your very first bath.
as we left the hospital wepromised Sydney and Campbell dinner at their favorite Chinese Restaurant --the one with real fish in a stream  -- it was the only way we could pull them away from you -- 
I'm sure we'll take you there some day, too --

We kept your sisters super busy but  C kept saying how she missed you
1 day old
1 week old

It's been a busy month for you little guy -- you've been learning how to be a baby and your mommy and daddy have been on duty 24/7 to meet your every need.


God has plans for your life Jack Tucker Good and Pappa and I can't wait to watch those unfold.
You're a blessing little one -- we cherish our time with you.

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