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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where in the WORLD is Dr. Marshall Bell???

Marshall accepted a surgery rotation in Kilgali Rwanda and left Sept 30.  Katie helped stateside in the weeks before making his travel arrangements, filling out the paperwork and getting all the t's crossed and the i's dotted to secure the trip.  After getting shots and stuffing his bags with supplies and Africawear- he was ready to board the flight -- He discovered that there is still an airline that spoils you. . . Brussels Air.
With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa at customs the only thing that he was asked was "how are you?" as they took his temperature.

On the phone, he's always talking about how cheap the  MOTO taxis are

M got this bike for the weekend and
 said he got lots of strange looks -- just like the one this boy is giving him . . .

This is a country that was ravaged by war and genocide twenty years ago -- 
seeing the peaceful parks and urban setting - you can see that a great deal of rebuilding has taken place.

Katie updated her passport this summer and has been looking forward to joining him there Nov. 1st.  You go, girl!

Marshall doing what he loves!

 OR observations

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