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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Earlier in the summer when we were visiting Katie and Marshall  in Stillwater, Katie told us that on our CO vacation, she was going to plan an adventure where we would have to get off our computers and cell phones -- NO Wi-Fi --
I made her promise it wouldn't be the bike trip trip through downtown Denver.

We were excited because they were both off all weekend -- which doesn't happen very often for them -- and they shared this weekend with us.

Thursday was Katie's birthday and we were thrilled to get to crash her party.

Telling us we needed to dress in our coolest clothes and --
still not knowing where we were headed - we loaded the jeep and took off for the west. . . Katie at the wheel.
We arrived at the yearly Renaissance Festival

It was one of those festivals you could eat yourself through the whole fair.  We had to sample all the best--

It seemed like 2/3 of the crowd came in full costume!!!  Which made for lots of people gawking --I mean watching!

We decided a must-see would be the jousting tournament,  We grabbed snacks and found a spot close to the ring --

This time of summer there is usually a shower mid-afternoon.  About the time we got settled in to wait for the contest . . . a light sprinkle. . . turned to a gentle shower . . . which became a DOWNPOUR!!!

Don't know why I'm the only one who looks drenched. . .

Katie asked me a couple of weeks ago what I wanted to do on vacation --
I told her a trip to the mountains and riding on the back of Marshall's motorcycle.  Katie packed a wonderful picnic for our drive thru beautiful Pike National Forrest
These two LOOOOOVE the mountains for fishing, hiking, camping snowboarding and skiing . . . on this trip they kept finding camp sites they want to re-visit

This is an area near Deckers, CO where Marshall has fished the South Platte River. We took a short cut to Deckers and drove the back roads for a couple of hours -- on a dirt wash-boardy road.

Didn't know we were lost until Marshall  mentioned we might want to ration our picnic food.

The kids were wonderful hosts and it was a beautiful time to unwind, relax and re-group

Once we got back to town -- I found two little girls who needed their Nana.

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