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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hot Spring Get-Away

Quapah baths was dedicated to the native American tribes - we found the baths to be sooooo relaxing

Garvan Gardens is everything and more that it was touted to be in the online advertising--- the University of Arkansas' botanical garden.  It has several different gardens -- we walked an hour and barely saw it all. 

 Koi have always been a special interest of ours. These Japanese fish are some of T's favorites.

 Fairy houses are quite the thing in gardens right now and we loved seeing their version of them.

 The gardens were showcasing five of which was the Satchquatch.  A bit scary if I do say so myself!!!

The fairy gourdmother's topiary -- covered in plants!

 Quite an impressive miniature railway.

Gardens are a must-see for us on any trip!

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