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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camp Nana Papa 2014

It's Year Three - we mentioned to the kids that with Jack coming early August -- Camp needed to be earlier this year if they were going to have their get away while Bethany could still travel.

Mat and Bethany headed out for Austin on Tuesday morning

We started Camp with Campbell Hope in 2012 --

Last year we added Sydney Kate

C was all about looking for God's critters

Next year -- we'll add Jack Tucker

I LOOOOOOVE Camp Nana Papa!  I bought explorer hats and butterfly nets and bug trappers and we were set (Thanks Dollartree!)

This year with a 20 month old and a 4 yr.old,  Papa and I knew we would be on the move the whole time!  
We got ourselves geared up -- tried to rest up and on Sunday got a cutsie video of Campbell doing the Camp Nana Papa Dance.

  Monday night she prayed at dinner "Thank you that Camp Nana Papa starts tomorrow and that Nana and Papa are gonna have fun and get lots of rest."

C & S get up EARLY -- so that means early to bed for them and ME --

They each have their favorite space-- For Sydney it is the glider in the back

We HAVE to play in the Sand Castle -- which means catch it in the coolest, shadiest part of the day and then follow it up with bath time to get rid of all the sand.

C caught the tiny tree frog below and was fascinated with ants trying to carry off  a caterpillar

Uncle Marshall and Aunt Katie gave Campbell neon sidewalk paint for her birthday.

 And then they HAD to paint on their castle canvases!
Campbell's words, "Voila!!!"

We made up games

 wore out our playdough and spent  hours with our Fisher Price village.  Campbell talks to all of them making up stories and having conversations.

We had to picnic outside 


 Campbell and Papa played baseball and badminton -- She worked so hard at learning to swing the bat 

Routines and traditions are what Campbell is all about -- hot cocoa at 5:45 in the morning while Nana scarfs down as much coffee as she can. 
Most mornings Sydney refused to have her milk in a sippy cup but HAD to have it in a coffee mug like big sis.

 We baked zuchinni chocolate cupcakes  for Kids University

There were so many special - precious times--
C saying often "It's gonna be a good day"  or "Nana, can I come over and have a loooooooong play day?" (Not sure what you call Camp Nana Papa if it isn't a loooooong  3-day play day?)

Hearing her quickly offering to say a prayer each night at dinner -- thanking God for the simplest things . .  .
Thursday night when she got to stay up late to watch the stars come out with her Papa she sweetly said "I love hanging out with you guys".

Sydney stole our hearts with her funny little antics and the way she would  come running to him  when Papa came in the back door.  She sang and danced swinging her hips saying "Oh yeah!  Oh, yeah!"  Reaching up for you -- wanting to be held ALL the time or wanting your phone to watch movies of herself.

All good times do come to an end and yes, Mommies and Daddies do come home -- so Friday morning we loaded up Harley and toys, and socks and dolls and blankies and took Campbell and Sydney back home, 

Campbell got out of the car and raced around her driveway so excited to be home again.

They giggled and crashed on the floor and two tired grandparents went home  to a very quiet house to relax and miss them like crazy!

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