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Monday, June 16, 2014


Father's Day is the holiday we stop to recall our fondest memories of our Dads.

This is one of my favorites -- Bible Stories and bedtime prayers were a nightly tradition --

My dad made sure that we took vacations --  camping and going to David Lipscomb College Family Lectures --

Our going to college and getting an education was equally important to both my parents and they would have these family talks with us on Saturday mornings around the breakfast table.

Visiting our extended family was important to him and we would travel the 1 1/2 hours about once a month to visit.

My dad was an elder in our church- led the singing - would teach an adult class when asked -- and made sure that our family was in services three times a week.

I remember those lessons my dad would give me on how to be a "lady" instead of the tom-boy I had turned out to be.  I always liked to stand on my head and climb trees -- one particular lesson I remember involved his teaching me how a lady sat.

He worked for Shell Refinery in human resources for 41 years -- fighting a debilitating disease (muscular dystrophy) for 43+ years

Family visiting Dad when he was confined in later years to his hospital bed.

He set an example for me of self-sacrifice and humility --we never heard him complain about his diminished strength and physical capacity.  As I grew into a wife and mother -- I drew strength from the fact that my dad and my mom saw it as their mission to pray for us every day.  I learned to lean on those prayers.  My Dad didn't dole out empty compliments or gush -- but I remember once when as a minister's wife and mom of two small kids, he said, "Jan, I don't see how you do it all."  It touched my heart.

He always made sure I had enough $$$ in my pocket to travel on when I came home for a visit from Texas with the kids.

As a teenager, he and I would visit -- him at his desk and me lying on their bed talking about life -- and the future and my plans for it.

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